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Encouraging New Zealand's SPOT users to register their SHARED page at spot@jacko.co.nz

Jack's Perfect Pictures Jack's SPOT User Register

Jack Frost is, amongst other things, a tramper and a SaR volunteer. Jack uses a personal tracker. Ensure you return to this page after viewing the spot details below.
(If you want to buy a SPOT, ring Jack on 027-589-5313 or email on j-frost@xtra.co.nz, while he is a volunteer, he also has living expenses.)

              Personal Tracker

SPOT is also the most common satellite communication device for lone workers & other back country operators in New Zealand as it can be used for sending emails & SMS text messages such as;

Each message also provides a GPS fix to the message recipients.

It can also be used to create a track or snail trail.

Usually the only time RCC (Rescue Co-ordination Centre) and SaR (Search and Rescue) become aware of a SPOT is when the 911/SOS button is pressed.

In the realistic event of a SPOT user suffering misfortune and not being able to press the 911/SOS the previous OKAYs, MESSAGES, HELPs and TRACKS become very important. The most recent of these becomes the last known point and if SPOT has been used since the road end or drop off point, the searchers have a much greater chance of finding a missing person.

To provide SaR personnel easy access to this information, Jack is compiling a SPOT user SHARE PAGE register. This will only be available to SaR Incident Controllers (and Jack).

To be included in this register, email spot@jacko.co.nz. and include the following, name, address, SPOT ESN (inside batt cover) and the URL (web address) of your web SPOT SHARE PAGE.

The register entries will be listed alphabetically on company name and surname and will look like this

FROST, Jack. 72 Rutland Plce, NELSON. ESN 1-05661

NELSPECS VAN 6, 173 Haven Rd, NELSON. ESN 1-065542

NELSPECS VAN 7, 173 Haven Rd, NELSON. ESN 1-065754

Clicking on the line brings up the SPOT SHARE PAGE for that ESN.

Below is a screen shot of a SPOT SHARE page. Each event can be expanded out as the top event shows. The zoom level of the map is very good.

              SCREEN SHOT